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Monday, June 23, 2008
June Spree

New Spree Up
Bigi Bag

Capped at 20 orders

PG Mall

Capped at 20 orders

Status: 2 Orders - Michelle

Cutie Fashion
Capped at 15 orders

First Payment

Exchange rate at S$1 = NT$20
Handling fee(per item) is $1.00
Additional $1 for normal postage
Additional $3 for registered mail
Meetup at Ang Mo Kio/Yio Chu Kang/Novena is free

Use the format:
(Price of your item in NT/20)+(handling fee X the no. of your items)+ Postage (if u opt for)
= Total Amount payable

Second Payment ( collected when items arrive in singapore)
Shipping fee will be calculated by dividing among spree-ers with accordance to:
Accessories/Belt - 0.5/over total items x shipping fee
Top/Shawl - 1 /over total items x shipping fee
Heavy items: Jean/Pant/Dress/Shoe/Bag - 2/over total items x shipping fee

Note that:

Spree will be closed, once I have enough orders

Spree Status will be stated here

Pls order ONLY if u can wait, as it will take abt 1-2 months to reach

Stictly no refund, only if item is out of stock
Pls use the format shown at the right sidebar to order

To order, Pls e-mail xiao.muffin@gmail.com

---9:20 AM---

Preorder June

Fashionistic- $25

Dotties: $17

Aquatic- $16

Chiffon Greenery- $14

Items will arrive ard 1 week =)

---9:20 AM---

Saturday, July 21, 2007



Lady in pink - $17

(only available in light pink)

Pink Dotties - $17

White bunnies Tee- $17

*size M*

---5:26 AM---

Fashionista 101

Currently studying
E-mail: xiao.muffin@gmail.com
Pls read the terms & conditions before ordering


For enquiries and orders, pls e-mail me at xiao.muffin@gmail.com or tag me at the tagbox

How to order?

Step 1: Send ur order to xiao.muffin@gmail.com in the following format-
Mailing Add
Contact No
Item Name/Code

Step 2: Wait for 1-2 days for our confirmation mail

Step 3: Payment to us via ATM/IB transfer or Concealed cash at your own risk within 3 working days (for preorder and instocks) after receiving our confirmation mail

For sprees, u can place an order first, however order will only be processed upon receiving payment

Step 4: Send payment details
Your bank account/IB nick (depends on which one u use to transfer)
Amount paid
Date and Time
Transaction/Ref No.

Step 5: Wait for clothes to arrive..^^
-Instocks take ard 3 days
-For spree/preorder, items take ard 1-2 months, depending on supplier

Terms & Conditions

All prices are Exclusive of postage
All items are NOT exchangeable nor refundable
Prices are all stated in Singapore dollar

Collection of items

Via Postage:
$1 for normal mail, $3 for registered mail

Via Meetup:
AngMoKio/Novena MRT
For other MRT stations, fares will be charged accordingly

Enquires & Suggestions
Any suggestions or enquires?? Feel free to ask them here =)

Fellow shoppaholics





Designer: Braix23

Images: MEG